The BDCS STEM Grants Team

  Allie Daus, Kate Dailey & Roger Palmer (not pictured: Lydia Torrez) Kate Dailey, president of Bishop Dunne Catholic School (BDCS), has always taken her school’s mission seriously. Officially, it’s “to empower each student to explore, inquire, lead, and serve through a college preparatory education in a joyful community of faith.” For over the last... Continue Reading →

Funeral Home and Ambulance Service

The morning of November 22, 1963, Officer JD Tippit, 39, was having coffee at the Dudley M. Hughes funeral home on Jefferson Ave. Tippit and his fellow police officers would gather there often since they served as escorts for funeral processions. Ronald Hughes Jr., the grandson of the Oak Cliff funeral parlor’s original owner, remembers... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Preschool

A ‘Matilda’ is a bushman’s bundle of possessions carried when traveling. It’s also the perfect name for Oak Cliff Seed Preschool’s movable classroom, which just so happens to be a bundle of school supplies inside an area shaped like a bus. Actually, it is a bus – a fully working re-modeled and re-painted previously yellow... Continue Reading →

America sadly still doing the ‘car’ thing.

In 1890, wealthy American travelers used extravagant horse carriages to get around. When the first ‘horseless carriage’ appeared in the U.S. in 1893, most folks initially saw them as more of a fad than as a means of comfortable and reliable transportation. That’s because these extremely basic machines were uncomfortably small, kinda ugly and very... Continue Reading →

Change your mindset, change your words.

There are two different ways to look at six ounces of water in a 12-ounce cup. That glass is either half-empty or half-full, as the saying (roughly) goes. Those who see it as half-empty are pessimistically dwelling on what’s missing, while those from the half-full camp are optimistically focusing on what’s there. Okay, technically there’s... Continue Reading →

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