Which End of Trump’s Dog Does the Wagging?

Kim Jong-un launched a ballistic missile yesterday they say could reach D.C. In other words, an enemy dictator has developed a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) and clearly presents a danger to his neighbors and the world community.  Don’t forget he’s also committed outrageous human rights abuses and defied the just demands of the United... Continue Reading →

Mandatory Flu Shots? No Thanks.

Both times I’ve gotten a flu shot I’ve immediately gotten ill. The first time was in Ohio when I was a freshman at U.D.  My mother wouldn’t let me hear the end of it until I got a flu-shot at the infirmary.  A day later, I had horrible flu-like symptoms that lasted over a week. ... Continue Reading →

Thinking of You Ain’t Easy

The first guest to my daughter’s party arrived twenty-five minutes early. Seriously, Darlene? Nobody who’s ever hosted a party would do that to someone.  My wife was just hopping out of the shower and I was sweeping up the kitchen when Darlene showed up with her kids. “I like to be early,” she tells us... Continue Reading →

How Much $ Makes You Happy?

Our clothes dryer died without warning last night. Lady Kenmore still spins but there’s no more heat in her belly.  She was supposed to dry some end-of-the-day whites but when her buzzer finally buzzed the load inside her was still cold and damp.  Now I’ve got a decision to make: Fix m’lady m’self, hire a... Continue Reading →

No More Knives, Democrats – it’s a Gun Fight.

“You’re a dotard.” “Yeah, well you’re short and fat.” “At least I’m not a warmonger enriching the monopolies of the US defense industry." “At least I’m not on a dark path facing peril.” “True destroyer of world peace.” “Nuclear menace.” “Pusher of all buttons.” “You’re lucky there’s fog today or I’d symbolically stare you down.”... Continue Reading →

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