Hecklers and Haters are Harmless and Helpful

For twenty-four years, I toured the world as a comedy entertainer, and every night of it, there was a decent chance I’d get heckled. Hecklers are some comics’ worst nightmare, but not mine. I started out doing standup performing at small town bars that did comedy one-nighters and weekends. From Toledo and Peoria to Valdosta... Continue Reading →

Do you know ‘The Muffler Men’?

One interesting thing about Bud and Ben Mufflers in Oak Cliff is that there is no Ben. It’s not that he’s dead – Ben was never alive in the first place. Over a few decades ago the sign actually read, “Bud and Ken Mufflers” because those two were brothers-in-law and they were in business together... Continue Reading →

The BDCS STEM Grants Team

  Allie Daus, Kate Dailey & Roger Palmer (not pictured: Lydia Torrez) Kate Dailey, president of Bishop Dunne Catholic School (BDCS), has always taken her school’s mission seriously. Officially, it’s “to empower each student to explore, inquire, lead, and serve through a college preparatory education in a joyful community of faith.” For over the last... Continue Reading →

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