Frog Bank Challenge

Wanted to follow up on the funny Frog Bank riffing session that happened during Chief Chat #109 last Friday. For those who missed it, you can check out the replay here (the bit starts at @49:14) but in a nutshell we were having fun combining the world of FROG with the world of BANK in order to... Continue Reading →

Hecklers and Haters are Harmless and Helpful

For twenty-four years, I toured the world as a comedy entertainer, and every night of it, there was a decent chance I’d get heckled. Hecklers are some comics’ worst nightmare, but not mine. I started out doing standup performing at small town bars that did comedy one-nighters and weekends. From Toledo and Peoria to Valdosta... Continue Reading →

Do you know ‘The Muffler Men’?

One interesting thing about Bud and Ben Mufflers in Oak Cliff is that there is no Ben. It’s not that he’s dead – Ben was never alive in the first place. Over a few decades ago the sign actually read, “Bud and Ken Mufflers” because those two were brothers-in-law and they were in business together... Continue Reading →

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