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The American Humanist Humorist promise:

Never politics, never angry, never mean.

Just quick, positively funny looks at American human dynamics.

Grab yourself a handful of upbeat chuckles, then go about your merry way!

American Humanist Humorist – a funny way to look at people.


Main Contributor: Mike Lukas (pictured above with a family, possibly his) is a retired stand-up comedian of 24 years who is now a happy freelance writer.

He currently lives in Dallas, TX at the home his (hard working yet beautiful) wife Gretchen grew up in, and they’re raising two young children together.


Guest Contributor: **YOUR NAME HERE ** If you’d like to submit something for publication, please contact Mike with a copy of your article.

Absolutely all submissions will be read and answered, yours may even be published.

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