About Mike Lukas…

After I quit programming computers at AT&T in 1989, I toured the world for 24 years doing professional stand-up and improvisational comedy.

My act was seen multiple times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with Conan O’Brien and Comedy Central; I was in the cast of the Second City Vegas Revue with my roommates Jason Sudekis and Kay Cannon; I understudied the Second City Main Stage in Chicago and performed in shows with Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch. I co-wrote and hosted a TV show on A&E called The Straight Dope and another on CBS-Radio called Crackin’ Up.

And then in 2008 my wife got pregnant, the economy tanked and we both lost our recurring gigs. So we did what you do when Los Angeles doesn’t quite work out: we moved to Cleveland. Be nice, it’s where I grew up.

Now, through a unique chain of events best explained elsewhere, I’ve morphed into a freelance writer in Dallas with enough work to support my wife and (now two) fairly small children.

Currently I write NFL blogs for a Cleveland Browns fan page called Dawg Pound Daily and a European NFL gambling site called World Sports Network. I also keep this blog called American Humanist Humorist where I post funny takes on living life in the United States.

But the gig I’m most excited about is working with my old friend Kev Rogers at Copy Chief, his incredibly successful online community for ad copywriters. Kev’s tasked me with (among other things) helping him take his Real Free Life (RFL) program for freelancers to the next level and it’s been a blast, both the work and the rekindled friendship.

As a thirty-year freelancing veteran, I believe I have a lot to offer those who’ve begun the journey of quitting their day job and working for 1099’s and I’m ready to humbly serve the freelancing curious.

An RFL podcast co-hosted by Kev and I is in the works, as are lots of other RFL surprises, so freelancers get ready – help (and laughter) is on the way!

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