About Mike

Mike Lukas is an American humanist writer of somewhat humorous or dark short stories, op-eds, and children’s fiction whose goal is to use words to engage, amuse, and affect a lot of minds in a positive way.

He was a moderately successful touring stand-up comic and Second City Improviser for 24 years with multiple national television and festival appearances who decided raising his two children was more important than travelling the world to make strangers laugh.

Now Mike wakes up every day at 4:00 a.m. and writes until noon, feeds his dog and three cats, reads whatever book he’s reading, takes a nap, grabs the kids from school, feeds them a snack, does homework, makes dinner, washes dishes, then goes to bed.

Life is good.

Mike lives in Dallas, TX in the home his (hard working yet beautiful) wife Gretchen grew up in, and they have two young children together.


Since becoming a full time writer, Mike has created these stories which are waiting to be published:

The Lizzy and Lucky Series (Middle Grade Fiction)

  1. And So it Begins
  2. The Leaping Lizard Dance Festival
  3. The Prestigious Palace of Pets
  4. L&L Go Back to School
  5. L&L Save the Zoo

Fear Creatures (Young Adult Fiction)

The Fall of Bantheon (Middle Grade Fiction)

Tinkle Pants and the Thumb Sucker in ‘Slow Pitch Murder’ (Middle Grade Fiction)

How a Giraffe Climbs Trees (Young Adult Fiction)

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