BRB Notice…

Please Stand By 2

Hello loyal readers,

Just a courtesy heads-up here.

For the next month or so I will be working with a marketing consultant in order to:

  • improve the quality of this site,
  • re-calibrate its overall purpose
  • re-identify its intended audience and (once all THAT is done)
  • discover more ways to increase the flow of its traffic.

In the meantime, please read, re-read and share any and all of the seventy-four articles that are already part of this site.

Also, please leave any comments / feedback / complaints you have about the American Humanist Humorist in the comments section below this notice.  Now would be an incredibly helpful time to voice any thoughts – positive or critical – you have about this site.

Things like:

  • Insert (more or less) videos, gifs and pics.
  • ‘Love the subject diversity of the articles’ or ‘make up your mind – is this site about politics, family or current events?’
  • Article length is (too short, too long, just right)
  • ‘Great site name’ or ‘I don’t really understand the site name at all’
  • ‘These articles make me think and laugh’ or ‘Articles need more ha ha’s or depth’

Or anything else along those lines would be extremely useful, totally appreciated and most probably heeded.

This break won’t take long, but it’s crucial to the ongoing success of this site.

As always, thanks for reading.

  • Mike

3 thoughts on “BRB Notice…

Add yours

  1. Phew, you had me worried there a moment. I returned after noticing a couple of your images in my media library after I reblogged a recent post. Don’t worry, I marked them ‘not for use, reblogged post image’ and none of them appear published in my reblog – I almost deleted them but thought better of it and left them for reference (and let the system that put them there take care of it) or when time for ‘content management’ is more appropriate I’ll get around to deleting them. You might want to add the ‘read-more’ tag to your posts to control sharing of images contained in your posts. it is very easy to forget to do that while blogging though. No time for reading past articles now but I will return to do so and consider any of the points you wanted feedback on. Best wishes, hope you’re back soon. (Not sure why you’d ask if the blog name makes sense, it appeared to, as a new reader. Bye for now.)

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  2. Reblogged this on ColetteB…. and commented:
    A Shout-out for the ‘American Humanist Humorist’ blog. If you’ve not seen this blog it’s been a nice blog to visit so far as a new reader there – and the latest post requests feedback toward changes and improvements to blog style etc. So if that’s your thing, zing over and give it a whirl…

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