Don’t Fret…Dance Dance Dance!

Let’s all just take a big online breath here…and dance.

Just a suggestion:  click off the never-ending battle between the political left and right for a sec and pop on some bumping music.  If your personal, paid-for collection of hits isn’t handy, do a quick YouTube search for whatever tune you’re into – it’s there somewhere.  I’ve got Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop thumping in my cans right now, but you do you.

Trouble dancing?

I begin by finding the beat with my neck muscles, allowing that rhythm to help me keep time with my head:


Then I let that motion kick start the rest of my limbs, and when I’m really feeling it, I shake that booty.

Now you’re getting it.

When I dance, I start to feel the political-based tension that’s been building up inside me begin to release. The angst that develops every time I debate / argue over things I believe in starts to pile up after awhile.  If I don’t get physically lost in some music now and again I begin to suffer angst overflow.

James Brown knows what I’m talking about.

His moves are old school, like mine, but that doesn’t make them any less effective.

Seriously, check this out:

Be careful, James is right – the boogaloo is one of the hardest dances in the world, especially for those like me with bad knees and zero natural rhythm. Don’t let that get you self-conscious, though, because that’s no fun at all.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Dance like you’re fantastic, even if all evidence points to the contrary.

You too, ladies.

Take a moment and move your body to some music.

Regardless of where we sit on the political spectrum, every once in a while we’ve got to put aside our differences, stand up and away from all these nasty politics and make our way to the universal dance floor.

And boogie.

Dance the angst away.

There will be plenty more where it came from, just not until the song is over, please.

  • Mike Lukas

(Thanks to Funny or Die for putting together a collection of 121 dance gifs!)

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  1. Dancing, in public or private, is absolutely essential to a happy life, I believe, especially in the modern political climate. Once, there was a town in France that took this cure for the ills of the existential crisis so seriously that they danced non-stop for days and weeks, people died of dancing–exhaustion, heart attacks, the types of things you imagine dying of it you danced for a week non-stop–and no one knows how it got started. If I’m going to die though, dancing is probably a pretty decent way.

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