Our Rules, Our Country

My dog did his business about a foot away from where another dog had gone earlier.

As I bagged up my Vincent’s output, I picked up the other dog’s harvest, too.  If I’m honest, there was a moment where I resented the other dog owner who left this mess unresolved.  Their dog squatted right there in front of them, did what a good boy or good girl does and then they just casually walked away from it.

You’re going to leave that there?


But that’s rude to the rest of us.

Suits my needs.

But what if someone else steps in it?

Eh, not my problem.

So then, it became the next guy’s problem, who happened to be me.  It now turns into my job to take care of the mess, because if I don’t and walk away, it becomes the mess I ignored.

The same thing happens with every new POTUS.

The last president leaves either a conservative or a liberal mess, like a broken economy and an unresolved war, or a huge deficit and a half-working health care system, or, in the case of our current leader’s upcoming legacy, a tax system that favors the very rich and slowly squeezes the last drops of blood from the middle class and the poor.  Then it becomes the job of the next president, who’s usually from the other side of the aisle, to clean up that mess, or it becomes theirs.  He ends up spending the first half or more of his presidency attempting to clean it up, and then spends the rest of the time making his own mess for the next POTUS to deal with.

And so on, and so on…

The only way to put an end to this nonsense is to decide as a group what the purpose of America is.  Was this country created to maximize business profits for the very few at the top or to maximize the quality of life for the rest of us?

The answer, as they say, may surprise you.

The great majority of our forefathers, the fellahs who wrote and signed the constitution, were extremely wealthy white male merchants and businessmen, the cream of that patriot crop.  The historical truth is they set up this country of ours to benefit their own interests.  They were tired of King George slanting the rules of business in his favor and revolted against it.

Then they did the exact same thing themselves.

Noam Chomsky says in the documentary Requiem for the American Dream, “The U.S. Constitution put power in the hands of the wealthy…Concentrations of wealth resulted in concentrations of political power.”

The 1%-ers have been in charge since the beginning of America.

“The course of our history has been defined by the struggles of this wealth and political power against upsurges in democratization,” Chomsky continues, “most notably in the 1930s labor movement and the 1960s peace, civil rights, and women’s movements.”

In other words after enough oppression, the 99%-ers finally organized and began to battle for equality.

Chomsky says, “Power and wealth fought back against these popular movements by trying to shape ideology and manufacture consent.  Elections are engineered.  Attempts to regulate the economy are undermined.  Solidarity of the American dreamers is attacked.”  (Link to Article)

Turns out those who are extremely wealthy will do anything to stay that way.

And they’ve discovered the best way to this is to tilt the game in their favor.  Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary under President Clinton, says, “Someone is always writing the rules of the market.”  His concern is that “over the last three decades, the lead authors have been Wall Street, big corporations and the wealthy elite.” His fear is that “we are lurching toward a capitalism so top-heavy it cannot be sustained.”  (Link to Article)

So, 99%-ers, it’s up to us to evolve the purpose of America.

It’s simple – we do that by showing up to vote next November.   We elect men and women who will begin to re-write the rules of business so they don’t only favor those at the very top.  Elect Congressmen and Senators who will make it their purpose to bring back our middle class, which to many in this country is the American Dream.

Maybe then, the next POTUS won’t have such a big mess to clean up.

  • Mike Lukas


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5 thoughts on “Our Rules, Our Country

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  1. It would indeed be refreshing, to have people in office who can let all the blather of this or that lobbyist go in one ear and out the other. Then, they could, by genuinely listening to the common folk, devise a game plan that would give us what the country really needs.

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    1. Well put. We can make that happen (or start to) by at the very least staying informed and casting votes. We deserve whatever we vote (or don’t vote) for.

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  2. We get the governments we deserve, If we stay sitting in the living room watching TV and complaining that everything is rotten without actually moving a finger, not even to cast a vote, then of course everything will rot away. US system is messy compared to other countries, but it’s still a democracy, and the point of a democracy is having a say about your life. If you don’t like it, act! If you like it, support!
    Staying on the sofa mumbling disgruntled complains helps nobody. Not even ourselves.


  3. Excellent write up! One way is to vote en mass for alternative parties and ignore the Democrats who say that by doing so, we’re letting the Republicans in and ignoring the Republicans who brand all third parties, more left than Democrats.

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