Where’s the Dang Ref?

For a quick shot of awesome-sauce, watch this Indiana tyke confront his older sister’s wrestling opponent.  (Link to Video)

The enraged two-year-old runs at the ongoing match screaming, “That’s my sister, get off her,” and dives onto the little girl he believes is ‘attacking’ his beloved family member.  The referee gently removes this tiny defender-of-his-own-interests from the ring and hands him over to the grinning father, who walks off looking understandably proud of what his little boy just did.

And the distracted crowd…goes…wild.

If only politics were that honorable.

In the ongoing wrestling match between Republicans and Democrats, the powerful 1%-ers are a twisted version of that little boy jumping in the ring with their money and influence hoping to tilt the bout in their favor.

And so far it’s been working.

Look at two of the most recent political grapples:  the GOP tax bill (Link to Article) and yesterday’s GOP based Net Neutrality decision. (Link to Article)  Both change current rules to favor colossal corporations and the uber-wealthy.  These ‘victories’ were helped along by thousands of corporate and private lobbyists who jumped into the ring with millions of dollars during this year alone.  (Link to Article)

So where’s the dang ref?

Our government is supposed to be the impartial referee who uses its laws and regulations to keep the policy matches fair for both sides, except nobody who’s actually in charge is stepping in and removing these inside pushers of their own interests.  At least some participants in the fight (Senators Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, and Elizabeth Warren, for example) are screaming, “Foul!” and asking anyone who’ll listen, “Does nobody see the filthy rich tykes running into the ring and jumping onto our backs?”

And the distracted crowd…does…little.

It’s not personal, Bernie, and it certainly isn’t you, Ed or Liz, it’s us.  Lately we’ve been busy doing other things, like working harder for less money and as a result seeking the comfort of being entertained.  And besides, we’re beginning to suspect that this whole political wrestling match you politicians have been selling as genuine has been tilted to the other side from the get-go.  It’s time to face the truth, fellow spectators:

Politics isn’t competitive grappling, it’s the WWE.

The everlasting Republican v. Democrat, Conservative v. Liberal wrestling match was never meant to be legitimate or fair or even won.  Our country’s founders were the uber-rich and it turns out they set up the whole political tournament as a distraction to prevent us from finding out who’s really running the show.  And, as George Carlin so gently described the powers that be:

“It’s a big club, and you and I ain’t in it.”  (Link to Video)

The uppermost 1% have bought the political wrestling arena, most of the wrestlers, and even the referee.  They’re running the whole show, and they’re counting on us to be so distracted with living our lives, surviving, really, and fearlessly pursuing the American Dream that we’ll be too busy to notice that the fix is in.

And so far it’s been working.

That is until Bernie Sanders ran a national campaign for the presidency last year that involved exposing the 1% for changing the political rules in their favor.  He brought this polarizing topic into mainstream conversation, interrupting our love for all things NFL and Kardashian.  Now the rest of us are slowly beginning to see how terribly one-sided our beloved America has become, and there’s only one course of action to take.

99% of us must begin to fight back or go home.

More of us every day citizens must begin to pay attention to the wrestling that’s always taking place in D.C. because our personal interests are at stake.  We need to begin to call out, “Foul!” every time we see one, especially whenever the almighty ref turns a blind eye.  Begin to hold the representatives of your precious vote accountable for the positions they take on whatever matters most to you.

And the distracted crowd…focuses…in.

If our leaders won’t make the match fair, then it’s up to each of us to call them out on it.  At the 2018-midterm elections, hold your representatives accountable for whatever votes they’ve cast.  Be the best version of that enraged two-year-old little brother and run up to the political mat screaming just as loudly as he did:

“That’s my future, get off her!”

  • Mike Lukas


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