How difficult can it be to defeat a racist pedophile?

How difficult can it be to defeat a racist pedophile?

Turns out in Alabama, the answer is: very.

In yesterday’s special election to see who would occupy AG Jeff Session’s empty senate seat KKK-busting Democrat Doug Jones barely squeaked out a win against Republican and accused kid fondler Roy ‘Who needs the 13th Amendment?’ Moore.   (Link to Article)

Barely, as in by less than 21,000 votes out of 1.7 million total.

Yeah, Jones, the guy known for prosecuting the remaining two Ku Klux Klan perpetrators of the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing along with securing an indictment against the Olympic Park Bomber, could only get 1.6% more votes than Moore, the chap who thinks that the abolishment of all constitutional amendments after the tenth “would eliminate many problems.”  And who publically refers to Asians and Native Americans as ‘yellows and reds’ and whose wife insists he’s not a racist because, “Well, one of our attorneys is a Jew.”  (Link to Article)

Yeah, THAT guy barely lost.

The fact that he didn’t win at all is surprisingly surprising to political junkies for a few old school reasons.

  • he’s a Republican and Alabama is so deeply red they named their college football team the Crimson Tide;
  • a Democrat hadn’t won that seat since 1992, and even that fellah, Richard Shelby, became a Republican two years later;
  • nobody but the uber-faithful show up to vote at a special election, which would normally lead to a Republican landslide.

Yet still, Doug Jones won.  But barely.

Nobody was surprised when Trump endorsed Moore, the candidate who as a younger man in his thirties was literally banned from the mall for stalking underage girls.  Trump and a lot of other soulless Republicans were willing to back a bigoted creepo simply because to them a racist pedophile was preferable to having a Democrat occupy that seat.

And that, potential 2018 midterm voters, should be all you need to know.

Yes, American politics have gotten so partisan that scores of otherwise respectful and thoughtful adults are willing to turn their backs on a decent man to support a national candidate they wouldn’t leave alone in a room with their daughter.  That would be like the Browns turning down a Tom Brady trade because he’s been living in New England so they can play a legless quarterback because he’s originally from Cleveland.

In other words, it’s stupid.

And that’s exactly why the Doug Jones victory is so important to anyone who’s tired of the way these Republican bozos have been behaving.  Next November, Democrats have the opportunity to change things around if they are able to gain at least two more seats in the Senate.  Nevada, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, and West Virginia are tossup states in that election and their voters need to pay close attention to what just happened in Alabama.  (Link to Article)

Because chances are, the Republicans won’t be running racist pedophiles in those states.

And that means that whoever they do run or attempt to retain will be a lot tougher to beat than the guy who in his thirties had a high school student pulled from her Trig class so he could ask her out.  And it will certainly require better turnout than Alabama showed yesterday, which was less than a measly 40%.  (Link to Article)

Seriously, six out of ten voters stayed home, and that’s pathetic.

Now on the positive side, black Alabama voters made a decent showing despite living in a state with strong voter suppression efforts happening. The Washington Post’s exit polls indicated that black voters would make up 28 percent of the voters, greater than their 26 percent share of the population.  (Link to Article)   Not fantastic, obviously, but a step in the right direction.

So how difficult can it be for the Dems to win back the senate in 2018?

You would think that with the way Trump is re-filling his swamp with 1%-ers who tend to vote on behalf of their fellow billionaires, the rest of us 99%-ers would catch on, show up heavily to the polls, and send some of these Republican bozos home.  Of course, not showing up to vote next November would be like the Cleveland Browns not showing up to the NFL draft next season.

In other words, it would be stupid.

  • Mike Lukas


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