Unemployment numbers for accused celebrity sexual harassers are rising.

Heard the news?  Unemployment numbers for accused celebrity sexual harassers are rising.

Matt Lauer is the latest accused sexual harasser to learn that despite the rosy jobs picture painted by President Trump recently, he’s suddenly out of work and possibly in need of an entirely new career.  (Link to Article)  Add the affable, sex-crazed morning show host to the growing list of nonworking pu$$y grabbers – Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and hundreds of other a$$-hungry power players who now find themselves updating their resumes and filling out job applications.

When will this sexual harassment crisis stop claiming the jobs of all these victims?

Hopefully, unlike the media, you’re offended by that angle and you realize who the real victims of sexual harassment are. News outlets make tons of money every time they get to throw another famous name on the fire, so you can understand why they focus their sexual harassment headlines on the fall of the rich and famous instead of on the powerless workers who have endured them.   All the sexual harassment headlines we’ve been seeing with the flashy names of fallen celebrity heroes are attracting a lot of attention.

Let’s swing it back to where it should be.

Let’s refocus on the abused women (and men) who are starting to come out.  They’re the ones who’ve been on the receiving end of the sexual abuse, intimidation, and even attacks.  They’ve had to be silent for too long for fear of losing their own jobs, ironically, but now the gates of social change have finally swung open and they’re finding the courage to speak out against their abusers.  They’re hoping their courage will shed light on the issue and bring about positive change in the workplace.

Instead, we just keep on rubbernecking the famous harassers.

Garrison Keillor?  Louis CK?  Charlie Freakin’ Rose?

It’s tempting to ooh and aah and be disappointed with every renowned pervert that surfaces, but perhaps our time and energy could be better spent.  How about if we examine the old school, abuse-friendly work environments that these abusers were in charge of and maybe learn from that.  Let’s begin to call out any similar employment situations instead of turning our heads like we used to.

You know, like in the good ol’ days.

After Cosby, the biggest celebrity pig to fall was Harvey Weinstein, who said, “You have to understand that it was a different time.”  (Link to Article)  That’s a lame excuse, sure, but apparently it worked up until about a few months ago.  And it tells us something we’ve needed to recognize for quite some time now.

Our rules of business conduct have become outdated.

Like white shoes and belts or a cocktail at noon, much of what we used to consider acceptable or ignorable in the business world is no longer welcome in the modern workplace.  Sexually harassing the women you work with is now the mullet of social behavior.  We get how it used to exist, but we can no longer tolerate seeing it in real life.  It should stand out and be considered unacceptable and outdated whenever it appears.  Our society is evolving, and therefore new workplace rules and guidelines need to be created and followed.

Gentlemen, take note.

Improper suggestions, racy language, grabby hands, or any other kind of sexual harassment will be tolerated at work no longer.  These are now job ending offenses, fellahs, and if you don’t want to add to the sexual harassers’ unemployment numbers, you best step in line and shed these caveman ways.  Begin to develop a new instinct that kicks in whenever you start to do or see something offensive.  Pay attention to the disappointed or offended look in your female co-worker’s eyes whenever you say or hear something questionable and make your adjustments like you’re the quarterback and it’s the second half.

It’s not so bad, really.

When we start treating our female co-workers like they do on Star Trek, like true equals, we’ll begin to benefit from boldly going where no sexist man has gone before.  To a time and workplace where the only things we focus on are ability and character and all workers feel valued for their skills and output.

We do that and before long the sexual harassers’ employment numbers will sink down to zero, right where they belong.

  • Mike Lukas


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2 thoughts on “Unemployment numbers for accused celebrity sexual harassers are rising.

Add yours

  1. Thank you, Michael for saying so eloquently and powerfully what so many women are feeling.

    Favorite line: “Sexually harassing the women you work with is now the mullet of social behavior. “

    And the Star Trek reference. Awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you appreciated it, Mary – I’m hoping certain fellahs begin to understand that certain behaviors are more offensive than we once cared to realize or admit. Most guys already know this, but obviously not everyone has figured out we’re evolving.

    We’ll get there eventually, I believe.


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