Which End of Trump’s Dog Does the Wagging?

Kim Jong-un launched a ballistic missile yesterday they say could reach D.C.

In other words, an enemy dictator has developed a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) and clearly presents a danger to his neighbors and the world community.  Don’t forget he’s also committed outrageous human rights abuses and defied the just demands of the United Nations and the world.

Hmm, where have we heard that one before?

Oh yeah, back in the early 2000’s when Saddam was guilty of all the same things.  Anyone remember how we handled that cruel dictator?  With minimal proof and (it turns out) zero actual WMDs we dubbed his side the axis of evil, invaded and conquered his Iraq, and eagerly watched as he was hung to death.  And that was directly after 9-11 when more factual fingers were pointing at Afghanistan.  The Iraq war happened because Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld wanted someone besides Saddam looking over our Middle Eastern oil, and in 2003 they wagged the dog, as the saying goes, and made it so.  (Link to Article)

So what about Kim Jong-un?

Theoretically, this wacko has the ability to launch a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile into America.  Does anyone really think our dotard is going to let their short fatty get away with having those bragging rights, let alone those capabilities?   The Trump I’ve come to know and detest wants to destroy his little enemy, except he has to sell us on it first.

But how?

North Korea doesn’t have enough oil to make that the pitch.  They haven’t actually attacked any of our vital interests yet.  Plus, they’re politically close enough with China, Japan, and Russia where a preventative attack based only on the test launches might just pull those other countries into the mix.  And waiting for them to launch on us is obviously out of the question.  No, Trump needs a good reason to get it all started.

Prepare yourself for another Gulf of Tonkin.

If you’re not a Vietnam War history buff, in 1964 the U.S. basically made up a couple of incidents in the Gulf of Tonkin that we blamed on North Vietnam so we could justify engaging more directly in that war.  (Link to Article)  Once we decided that communism threatened our interests in the area, our war machine figured out the best way to wag that particular dog in order to shut those hostile commies down.

So what about Kim Jong-un?

My guess is that soon we’ll be hearing about something dreadful that happened because of him.  A sunken ship, a fired-upon jet, or worse a killed U.S. soldier. Watch, a drastic reason for direct conflict will appear in the news and our war machine will demand that we step in.  Anyone who speaks out against violence will have their love of liberty and freedom questioned until we’re all convinced that a war with North Korea will be one of the good ones.

Except there are no good wars.

Or unwounded soldiers.  Talk to a war veteran, only they understand the true horrors of warfare.

Let’s not allow Trump to convince us that our young men and women (especially the broke ones of color) should risk their lives as foot soldiers in another foreign war.  We could just as easily target N. Korea’s nuclear capabilities with pinpoint drone and missile strikes from our carriers and put an end to the threat safely from miles away.

Why don’t we do it that way then?

Because there’s not enough money in it, I imagine.  That type of military action is quick and decisive.  It involves few deals for billion dollar jets, copters, and tanks, no handheld weapons or bullets or defensive armor contracts, no transport vehicles or supply train funds, no military contractors pulling in huge government backed windfalls, no kickbacks or bribes or goodies that fall off the rear of military trucks.  There’s not as much profit for the industrial war complex with quick and precise conflict, therefore it’s tough to sell.

So what about Kim Jong-un?

Trump must figure out the best way to put a stop to Kim’s real-life nuclear threat just like Bush did with Saddam’s fake one, except this time America needs to do it without maximizing the profits of war.  Let’s get the job done without occupation forces on the ground and choose military methods that vastly limit soldier body counts and civilian casualties.

The real question is can our greedy, egocentric president find a way to protect us from a potential Kim Jong-un nuclear missile attack without letting his desire to insult or make money override the need to keep Americans safe?

Guess we’ll see which end of the Trump dog does all the wagging.

  • Mike Lukas


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