Don’t be a Rude Old Lottie

Nothing sweeter than watching an idiot get what they deserve.

Have you seen the Alabama Crimson Tide woman who got busted last Saturday for smoking in her seat at the football stadium?  (Link to Video)  If you’ve ever been forced to inhale someone else’s second-hand smoke then you’ll enjoy watching this rude old Lottie get dragged away in cuffs.

Did she deserve it?

Not only did Lottie light up in a clearly marked non-smoking area, she’s in the stands at a sold-out game, in the middle of thousands of people who are not smoking.  Just felt like lighting up, didn’t feel like getting up, and said screw these people, I gotta do what I gotta do.

Then rude old Lottie got busted.

And this is where she made a bad situation worse.  When the cop tells her to put out the cigarette, she casually takes another drag, pushes the lit end of the cigarette towards the officer’s face, then blows a giant smoke cloud right at him.

Oh, Lottie, you’re going down.

As she’s getting one-arm-dragged away, you can tell by the look on her face that she’s shocked this is even happening.  Or maybe she’s stunned that none of the people who were just breathing in her nasty smoke are stepping in to help her or protest the arrest.  It’s the same astonished face a sexist creepo makes after he gets slapped by the woman he just insulted.

You’re busting ME?

Too bad there aren’t more cops out there to do what this officer did, to essentially call someone out for refusing to follow the rules of public decency.  AKA courtesy among strangers.  A Fox News poll from September finds most voters believe compared to 10 years ago, people in the U.S. behave worse in public (83 percent), are less courteous (78 percent), and the bonds that hold our nation together are weakening (81 percent).  (Link to Data)

And when even Fox News calls you rude, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your behavior.

Inconsiderate Americans are everywhere, it seems.  In the crowded waiting room of my kids’ doctor, for instance.  This guy two seats over has his cell phone volume cranked up full and nobody has the nerve to say a word about it.  Finally, I do, and the guy looks at me like he had no idea how I heard his phone, let alone got bothered by it.  He is yet another adult still trapped in the Childhood Narcissist Phase of development where the child starts to say with authority “mine!!” and “me”, and they become egocentric or relate to the whole world as being about them.  In a sense, it is all about them in this phase. (Link to Article)

But that’s supposed to end when you’re five.

At that point, the child must then become aware of the need for a “we” or social engagement with others as a way of being in life.  In other words, you’re not the only kid on the playground, pal.  You have to start learning how to consider the needs of others in addition to your own.  It’s a healthy part of growing up.

Take rude old Lottie, for instance.

She must be stuck in her childhood narcissist phase.  Otherwise, she would have realized that if she lights up a cigarette, the people around her, including actual children, would have to breathe in her smoke.  Instead, she disregarded this and with authority said, “Me!!” then blatantly thumbed her nose at all the other kids on the playground and blew her pollution at them.

Then Lottie got taken down.

But she’s not the only adult childhood narcissist out there.  I hear them in public cursing loudly around my children.  They bring greasy fast food onto an airplane or wear inappropriate clothing to Church.  They constantly put ‘I’ over ‘We’ and it’s time the rest of us call them out on it since the cops are too busy busting real criminals to babysit these grown toddlers.  At least that’s what Lottie was counting on.   Maybe next time she gets the urge to light up around non-smokers, she’ll remember getting ass-dragged in public and choose to be decent instead.

Be courteous among strangers or you’re just a rude old Lottie.

And you saw what happened to her.

  • Mike Lukas


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