The REAL reason behind the War on Weed.

Why do the feds refuse to let us have our marijuana?

Whether or not you partake, especially if you do not, it’s an important question to ask.

Here’s a better question:  Why is our federal government afraid to let us have legal marijuana?

Answer that and the American War on Weed starts to make a little more sense.

Now before you dismiss that question or this article as the conspiratorial rantings of a burned-out pothead fighting to legalize his fix, please hear me out.  Any American who believes that the pursuit of happiness is a constitutional right needs to pay attention to the marijuana battle that’s going on in this country right now.  Even if you’ve never smoked up in your whole life (who ARE you?), the fact that your government tells you that you are not allowed to plant or burn or inhale a naturally growing weed should raise a million red flags for you.

This is so much more devious than alcohol prohibition.

‘Marihuana’ was originally demonized and made illegal in the early 1900’s as a way to battle the influx of Mexicans coming to America after their revolution.   Get this – it gave cops an excuse to search, detain, and deport these so-called ‘disruptive’ immigrants.

Then Nixon made it a schedule one drug for basically the same reason – to make it possible for cops to search, detain, and incarcerate the 70’s hippies who dared to protest his precious Vietnam War.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

By making marijuana legal, we’re taking away one of the primary search and detain tools that the cops have been using to target certain citizens for almost a century.  No wonder they’re still fighting legalization tooth and nail – if pot’s legal, they can’t use it to get further into our business.

It’s the stank.

Decent marijuana really stinks, like a skunk they say, before and after you burn it, so it’s far easier to detect on a person than an expired registration or an outstanding warrant.  If a police officer wants to get in your business, smelling (or claiming to smell) marijuana on you or in your vehicle is the perfectly legal way to go about it.  Then it’s a lot easier to determine if you’re up to anything even more devious.

Now states want to make it legal to possess pot and thereby eliminate this important busting tool of theirs?

The Feds just say NO.

Some of you still aren’t convinced – screw those druggies, serves them right for needing a substance.

Okay, how about this.

You know what else smells distinctly strong and is easily detectable.


Plus, technically caffeine is a drug, so picture if the Feds decided to make a war on coffee. The media starts painting a picture of the shaky, desperate Java-Heads who will do anything to get their fix.  You walk into a meeting smelling like ‘the beans’ and everyone gives you the ‘poor thing needs drugs to cope with life’ look.

No more Starbucks.

Now you gotta get your caffeine fix for quadruple the price off the black market.  Boil it in your bathroom so the neighbors can’t smell your heavy brew.  You’d have to keep your travel mug hidden, but that won’t prevent the cops from spotting you.

“I pulled you over because you appear to be extra alert.  You mind if we search your vehicle?”

Now the cops are in your business.

Why is that scenario any sillier or less acceptable than making a backyard weed illegal?

Forget that using marijuana has never caused an overdose or a death.  Forget that cannabis has proven medicinal benefits.  Forget that hemp could eliminate the need for paper AND plastic.  Forget that, unlike with drinking alcohol, smoking pot expands your consciousness.  Forget that twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia already have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form.

These arguments fall on deaf ears when you begin to realize the REAL reason marijuana is still against Federal law:   it’s a fantastic excuse to search and detain anyone they don’t like, and they do not want to lose that.

Talk about the stank.

If you’re an American who believes in the right of our citizens to pursue life, liberty, and happiness free of unwarranted interference, then this Federal war on weed should make you furious, or at the very least arouse your suspicions, because it’s an unacceptable war on your freedom.

So (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Mass, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota) it’s time you vote in November to end this war, so the rest of us may follow.

  • Mike Lukas


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9 thoughts on “The REAL reason behind the War on Weed.

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  1. A very convincing argument although I was already on board with you before I read it. Let me dispel another myth: That smoking marijuana leads to experimenting with harder, more dangerous drugs. I’ve smoked weed and never had the desire to snort coke or shoot up. So, do many other people I know. Again, good write up!

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  2. June 26 is Oklahoma’s vote to legalize medical marijuana! I almost believe this is even more crucial because they are intentionally keeping medicine out of our hands. Our governor has ‘allowed’ CBD testing to take place in our state for children with epilepsy (which I also have). She is admitting that there are medical benefits to hemp without enabling its use!
    Also, let us not forget Jeff Sessions’ recent move to remove the Obama-era protections put in place to prevent people who have legally obtained weed from being federally prosecuted.

    Although, there is this, so maybe there is some hope after all:

    Thanks for the post! (found you via David Snape)

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    1. Great comment, VeRajArt, thanks!

      Your OK governor is obviously part of the public hypocrisy that purposely blinds itself to the medical benefits of cannabis in order to push the lie that weed is somehow dangerous, despite the overwhelmingly contradictory evidence.

      You have to wonder why.

      Especially given that millions are dying from opiate overdoses courtesy of big pharma, yet officials like she and J. Sessions have chosen to prioritize a fight over a never-deadly and medically useful plant instead.

      As they say, follow the money.

      The U.S. public is now slowly being educated (proof: the majority of us want pot to be legal now), and thankfully it won’t be long before the remaining Reefer Madness B.S. believers die off. Then maybe the rest of us can begin to enjoy our American right to medicate and alter consciousness in the privacy of our own homes.

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  3. Absolutely agree, man. Deeper than that, it also retains its illegal status in part because the feds realised that groups they didn’t like (Blacks and the poor) like to smoke weed and if you want to say, destroy the African American community, or to stretch the resources of the white urban poor, making weed illegal is a great way of doing it. It’s like deciding you want to screw over My Little Pony, so you make the colour Pink illegal and say that Pink will lead to the rape of innocent, pure, white women.

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    1. Hoboy, you’re right on track there. And your analogy is spot on, too. Made me laugh. Funny how ridiculous their ‘pot danger’ claims now seem to most people compared to in the ‘old days’. It’s what having access to facts and information does to the populous.

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      1. That’s why they’re looking for ways to stop the populous having information, or overwhelming it with nonsense when that isn’t possible… We’re not doing so bad all things considered though. Your article is all part of that. Anyway, thanks for your response and the initial article.


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