And now I gotta change? Thanks, Trump.

Personally, I hate having to change.  It means stopping what I’m already doing and forcing myself to start something entirely different.  Ugh – this takes physical and mental effort, a lot of it, and making that much of an effort is a pain in my ass.

I hate change.

Of course, I have to make changes all day long:  from lying in bed to standing and moving, from being comfy at home to driving around town amongst lunatics, from resting to working, from focusing on my family’s needs to mine, the changes never end.  I’ve had to transition from one activity or location or lover or point of view to another my entire life, so I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t in the mood to change much else, thank you very much.

But then Trump happened.

Whether I like it or not (not), this selfish non-leader, this 1%-er who cares only about his own interests, who says horrible things about people I care about and embarrasses my country in front of the world, this joke of a POTUS has plopped into my life and now I’m having to make some major changes.

And I hate change.

For one, I’m having to change how I view racism in America.  See, I grew up white (still am), and for a long time I was convinced that with all the civil rights we’ve legislated and all the time that’s passed since slavery and Jim Crow, we had killed off racism in this country outright.

Then Trump happened.

Now racists like the KKK and the white power idiots are crawling out of the cornfields and boardrooms where it turns out they’d been hiding all along and they’re acting like it’s the 1800’s again and that hating people of color is publicly acceptable.  So I have to change from not thinking about American racism at all to having to make an effort to identify it, call it out, and step in loudly whenever I happen to witness it, which these days is a lot more often.

Thanks, Trump.

For another, because of Trump I’m having to change how I view feminism in America.  See, I grew up with a mom and three sisters, and since I was a baby boy I never once thought that they would be treated with anything but respect and good manners.

Then Trump happened.

His blatant misogyny and obvious lack of respect for the female human creature has forced me to change the way I stand up for women, to the point where I’ve actually gone out and marched with them.

Thanks Trump.

For yet another change courtesy of him, I’m having to adjust how I view the gays.  For the longest time I didn’t think much about them, even when I lived in Chicago’s Boys Town neighborhood for years.  They were nice to me, great neighbors.  Their community made my ‘hood feel safe and they were exactly like me in all but one way, but I never paid much attention to their cause.

Then Trump happened.

Out of the blue he tells the transgender population of my country that they are no longer welcome to serve, and he’s doing his best to pack the Supreme Court with judges who would just love to end same-sex marriage, so now I have to change how I think about the LGBTQ-ers.  I have to go from not giving them much thought to standing side by side with them, demanding respect and equal treatment regardless of one’s sexual preference.

Thanks, Trump.

The list goes on and on, thanks to this guy.  I’m changing how I look at walls and immigrants, at Puerto Ricans and disaster relief, at universal healthcare and medical bankruptcy, at coal and solar, at nepotism and hypocrisy, at telling the truth and the unbelievable willingness to lie.  Never gave much thought to any of these things, and now I have to change that, too.

And I hate change.

But I love America – for many reasons, including that it’s run by a government that we, the people, can change every two to four years with our votes.  And for the thirty-three years I’ve voted, never once have I had the urge to participate much further than that, but now that’s changed, too.

Thanks, Trump.

– Mike Lukas


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