BRB Notice…

Hello loyal readers, Just a courtesy heads-up here. For the next month or so I will be working with a marketing consultant in order to: improve the quality of this site, re-calibrate its overall purpose re-identify its intended audience and (once all THAT is done) discover more ways to increase the flow of its traffic.... Continue Reading →

Really, You’re With THAT Guy?

A great leader is also a decent role model – well, in public, at least. Say what you want about the infidelities and power trips of JFK and MLK or the brash narcissism of LBJ and both Roosevelts, when the children of their generations read news stories about those great leaders never once did they... Continue Reading →

Wise Words from the Dead

The situation is the boss. That’s a concept I just learned from watching the Grateful Dead documentary ‘Long Strange Trip’ on Amazon Prime. It was the philosophy adopted by the musicians and crew once tour manager Sam Cutler left in 1974. The band’s actual boss, Jerry Garcia, was a strict anti-authoritarian and refused to acknowledge... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fret…Dance Dance Dance!

Let’s all just take a big online breath here…and dance. Just a suggestion:  click off the never-ending battle between the political left and right for a sec and pop on some bumping music.  If your personal, paid-for collection of hits isn’t handy, do a quick YouTube search for whatever tune you’re into – it’s there... Continue Reading →

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Gentlemen, the Women’s Marches tomorrow aren’t just for women. At least the one I went to last year in Dallas wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was ALL about empowering women (of course!), but hundreds of men and boys showed up, too. The females who walked alongside my son and I (even the shouting strangers... Continue Reading →

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