This is What Democracy Looks Like

Gentlemen, the Women’s Marches tomorrow aren’t just for women. At least the one I went to last year in Dallas wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was ALL about empowering women (of course!), but hundreds of men and boys showed up, too. The females who walked alongside my son and I (even the shouting strangers... Continue Reading →

Trump’s America: a House Divided.

Two opposite ‘truths’ are developing in America in reaction to Donald Trump. Either Trump’s a racist for calling Haiti and the nations of Africa ‘shitholes’ and Mexicans “murderers and rapists” or he’s a leader who finally has the guts to say what ‘everyone else’ is already thinking. Either he’s a hypocritical Christian who despises brown-skinned... Continue Reading →

What’s the Purpose of America?

What’s the Purpose of America? Your answer depends on what you value more: money or people.  If you favor money, then you want America to be a country where you can maximize the profits of your business with as little interference from the government as possible.  As far as you’re concerned, only the free market... Continue Reading →

What Would President Oprah Do?

My five-year-old son legitimately whipped me at cards yesterday. It’s a little game called Skip Bo.  Players take turns stacking cards (numbered one thru ten) and the first one to use up their home pile is the winner.  My kid knows his numbers, and with some rules help from dad, he played his first real... Continue Reading →

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